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get started

Why You Need Us…

Have the peace of mind knowing that in your time of need, a trained medical professional is just one call away to assist you with your individual lifestyle information and contact. Navigation of medical needs is complicated.  ConnectCare LLC helps you or a loved one going through a difficult time, guides you, and takes care of the burden of organization and coordination your life needs.  We are trained medical professionals who have the knowledge to assist you, your healthcare, and lifestyle needs with individualized attention.  Sign up before you need us and have the peace of mind that there is always someone watching over you with your best interests in mind.

How to Register…

Give us a call at 203.812-9009 or use the contact form.

Once you’re registered, a welcome packet with company information will automatically be sent out to you with the following information.

  1. Information about ConnectCare LLC
  2. A questionnaire to gather your personal medical information and lifestyle information
  3. Fall prevention information
  4. Medication interaction information
  5. What to look for in your home to prevent accidents
  6. What to ask your MD at your next visit
  7. Our monthly newsletter

Just mail back the completed forms and membership choice. We’ll enroll you in our service plan and mail you a membership card.  Then, whenever you call ConnectCare LLC, just give the care coordinator your membership ID # and leave the rest up to us!