what's connectcare?

ConnectCare LLC is a single point affordable membership for medical care and lifestyle coordination. ConnectCare is your source for simplified coordination with all healthcare, wellness and lifestyle issues. ConnectCare membership offers accurate, complete information and communication to maintain a safe lifestyle, in your own home if you choose. As a member, the client is assigned a medical coordinator to assist with daily medical needs. This coordinator assists with organization ranging from referral recommendations for medical specialists, rehab facilities, outpatient facilities, and homecare agencies to private nursing, companion/homemaking services, and private therapy services.

ConnectCare LLC offers peace of mind to clients and family. Members’ medical and lifestyle needs are coordinated efficiently by a trained licensed medical professional. The member or family makes one call to a ConnectCare coordinator and all their medical and lifestyle informational needs are communicated and organized with specialists. ConnectCare provides members with a monthly newsletter, monthly updates and helpful information to keep you or your loved one safe in her home. ConnectCare offers information and suggestions for what to look for to anticipate problems before they occur.

ConnectCare LLC is dedicated to lifesyle quality, wellness, safety, communication, and confidence for members in the comfort of their own homes and neighborhoods. The staff at ConnectCare offers help and peace of mind to family members as well.