About Us

About Us

ConnectCare LLC was born out of a medical professional’s need, concern, and frustration while caring for his patients. ConnectCare was started by Christopher Albert because for 12 years, everyday he saw the frustration that his patients were experiencing when navigating the complex healthcare system.  He witnessed, and experienced himself, the disconnect and non communication between professionals and patients. His patients were not only coping with their illnesses, but they also had the overwhelming stress of trying to coordinate their care.  Also, his patients’ families were overwhelmed and confused about their role as caregivers. Christopher Albert made suggestions to facilitate their lives. In many cases, Chris found that family members may live in other states, work long hours or just are unable to care for their loved one.


Christopher Albert, PT came up with the simple concept of having one source for a patient or family member to go to get assistance with their medical and lifestyle needs.  In the healthcare field for 15 years and in homecare for 12 years, Chris Albert, PT has learned and gathered a vast amount of knowledge regarding services available to patients, as well as, a vast network of contacts who can assist him and his patients.  Not only is Chris involved in the day to day operations of ConnectCare LLC, he brings with him numerous highly trained and knowledgeable medical and life coach staff members who assist you, as a member of ConnectCare, in your time of need for information and professional help.

ConnectCare LLC is the one place, the only phone number, the one clink of the web which organizes, connects and simplifies the member’s life. ConnectCare LLC is the one place which has all the information needed to coordinate, quickly and efficiently, your care and wellness. ConnectCare LLC strives to provide our members with simplified coordination of all care.

Christopher Albert, PT brings to reality what he imagined he’d like as a patient himself.  He believes that if a patient enrolls in ConnectCare LLC while still well, and establishes a rapport with our staff, it will make it easier to turn to them in a time of need.  It will take the stress and anxiety off the patient and family knowing that there is a company ready and able to meet their medical and lifestyle needs.

ConnectCare LLC founder Christopher Albert, PT, graduated in 1997 from Northeastern University, Bouve College of Physical Therapy in Boston. During his intensive 5 year education he experienced all aspects of medical program situations and patient care in several 10 week clinicals throughout the country. Chris is President/CEO of Therapy Staffing Solutions, LLC since 2008, having been Managing Partner of Premier Therapy Staffing LLC for 3 years. From 2000-2008, he also owned and managed Albert Rehabilitation Associates, LLC. During 2004-2006 at VNA Services, Inc. Chris was Director of Rehabilitation Services, after working as Rehabilitation Supervisor at HealthPro from 2001-2003. He had previously worked there as a staff physical therapist from 1999-2001. After graduation, Chris began his physical therapy career as a staff physical therapist at the Greenery Rehabilitation center in Brighton, MA.